Utopia Financial Partners / Rebrand & Realign.

Branding Utopia.

Axiom was challenged with the task of rebranding and realigning Utopia Financial Services – a boutique firm with a 15 year history of providing fully integrated accounting, investment, superannuation and mortgage broking services.

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When Utopia Financial Services were referred to Axiom, they were in the process of creating new business names for each business unit, they had previously received advice that there was a legal requirement to create a clearer delineation of which entity is providing planning / investment advice.

A comprehensive brand audit was undertaken and a brand strategy developed. Axiom recommended an alternative solution to their brand architecture that maintained the equity in the name, provided a consistent brand experience, yet still provided the necessary legal differentiation.

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First, we re-defined their core purpose, vision and value proposition. We then aligned their brand architecture to the new strategy, informing our naming conventions for key business units as well as a subtle renaming of the suffix ‘Services’ to Partners to further reinforce their value proposition.

The core strategy behind the rebrand was not only to reflect a more contemporary and prestigious offering, but to imbue it with personality, authority and importantly – a story – something not often done in this sector. As the company name was inspired by Sir Thomas More and his novel Utopia as well as the resolute conviction of More’s personal values that showed courage, integrity and determination under extreme pressure.

We found inspiration from his Chain of Esses he wore as Chancellor which incorporated the Tudor Rose, and reinterpreted this into the letter ‘U’. The symbol is also crafted from four petals that are representative of the four core business units, all working together to provide a wholistic offering.

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Utopia has gone from strength to strength, opening new offices and grown to over 1,500 clients and over $500 million in funds under management.

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