Ozlinc / Rebrand.

Decoupling the old to create an even stronger connection.

Couplers Industries Australia had a long and successful history of supplying pipe, hose, valves and fittings to the Australian marine, industrial and resources sectors.

They operate in a crowded and competitive marketplace and had recently expanded operations into the eastern states.

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Axiom were commissioned to undertake a comprehensive rebrand and reposition of this 25 year old company.

Through extensive research we identified that the ‘Couplers’ name was no longer representative or unique enough to effectively position the company for further growth.

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We developed the name ‘OzLinc’. The new name is a representation of their national focus and the competitive linking of their network, expertise and products to their customers needs.

A new brand identity and platform was then created that would complement the new name and rolled out across a full range of collateral including printed brochures, website, product catalogue, uniforms and signage.

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OzLinc have continued their expansion and solidifying their presence even through tough market conditions. Their professional brand presence has elevated them above their previous competitors and enabled them to pursue opportunities in more sophisticated supply and procurement markets.

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