New Norcia / Rosendo Salvado Bicentenary.

Celebrating 200 years.

We’re honoured to have had the opportunity to have worked on a special project for the Benedictine Community of New Norcia – the creation of all brand and event materials to mark the bicentenary of the birth of their founder Dom Rosendo Salvado.

Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 2 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 3 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 4 Banner

We developed 10,000 commemorative booklets, 10,000 postcards, 140+ exhibition panels, wine labels, banners and plethora of associated collateral for this most important milestone.

Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 5 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 6 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 7 Banner

On Saturday 1st of March, the bicentenary year was officially launched with the opening of the Bicentenary Exhibition which will run until March 2015. This was followed by the first public event of the year – Ecumenical Vespers, held at St Mary’s Cathedral, Perth where over 800 people gathered for this special service.

Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 9 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS Image 8
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 10 Banner
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 11 Image
Salvado Bicentenary Branding, NNS 12 Image

As project manager for a not-for-profit organisation, it is my job to communicate with the many people involved in the development of a successful project. Both staff and volunteers are required to come together to bring a vision into a reality. For any graphic design or branding company, this can provide challenges along the way, particularly when producing a result that meets with everyone’s ultimate vision, and meeting the often short timeline.

In the development of the branding for the 2014 Salvado Bicentenary Year for the Benedictine monks of New Norcia, which included the creative development of the Bicentenary Souvenir Booklet, many didatics for the In Search of Salvado exhibition, and all the other promotional material supporting this commemorative year, Ben Hames and his team were stars! They listened, they were open to feedback, and they produced alternative options in a time frame which enabled us to ultimately meet what we thought would be an impossible deadline.

I have been very proud to show people around the exhibition, encourage them to visit our website and to distribute our promotional material. The quality is first class.

Thank you to Axiom Design Partners for making my job so much easier and providing me with a result that I am delighted to be associated with.