Lakeside Success / Property Brand Refresh & Marketing.

Discovering another side to life.

Lakeside is a residential estate located in Success, Western Australia, just 30 minutes south of the Perth CBD.

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This ideally located property development offers a choice of nearly 350 home lots, including boutique multi-unit sites, the estate has had particular appeal to first and second home buyers.

After initial success, sales had slowed, and Axiom were brought onboard to assist in stimulating potential buyer interest and enquiries in a softening property market.

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We undertook considerable research, reviewing competing estates within their catchment and talking with sales agents and it became apparent that to more effectively engage with potential buyers a revitalisation of the Lakeside Estate brand to inject some more life and vitality was required.

We started with the creation of a new friendlier, dynamic estate logo, a fresh, contemporary colour palette paired with vibrant lifestyle imagery all working to create a better connection with potential buyers.

Website Before/After
Billboard Before/After


Initially the campaign launched with a rejuvenated sales office, site banners, billboards and newspaper advertising and website. New leads were generated through the website, then we ratcheted it up a few notches with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and then a few more by launching a project profile on as well as a digital advertising and remarketing campaign.

The result was overwhelmingly successful, even in depressed market conditions, the estate sold out.

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