MMS / New Brand.

Creating a brand everybody digs...

Introducing Mineral Mining Services, a new player in the mining industry providing turn-key contract mining services to established and start-up mines in Western Australia. Established in 2023, the company's rapid growth and expansion called for a brand that would reflect its capabilities.

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To quickly develop a strong and memorable brand that would position MMS as a major contender in the mining industry. This included the development of compelling copy, a fully-fleshed out website communicating their capability, signage to stand out in the red dirt of mine sites and professional photography to capture their projects.

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Working closely with MMS, Axiom developed a brand that conveyed confidence, capability, scale and innovation, positioning them as a large-scale, experienced contract mining operator. The identity drew inspiration from the red dirt of the mine sites, the ‘Caterpillar yellow’ of their equipment and the tyre tracks left by their heavy machinery, creating a forward-facing brand that is both distinctive and memorable.

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The MMS brand identity has assisted greatly with the 'heavy lifting' of new business development, with MMS already securing several significant contract wins. This accomplishment serves as a testament to MMS's agility and capability, and Axiom's exceptional ability to deliver an impactful brand that enables companies to quickly establish their market position.

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Creating a brand for a new company in a well-established market was a daunting task. With significant capital already invested, the pressure to get results quickly was intense. Engaging the right partner from the beginning was going to be pivotal to early success. Having met Ben and the team before, there was no question who we needed to partner with.

The Axiom team made time to meet and the project was quickly scoped with clear timelines and deliverables. Emphasis was put on clearly understanding what we needed, how we needed to work and what success looked like for us.

Under intense pressure, the team at Axiom created a brand that delivered the results we set – our clients trusted us enough to engage our services. A bonus was how quickly our own team proudly began representing the newly created brand.

We have a continuing engagement with Axiom to ensure the standards that were initially set are maintained.

I cannot recommend Ben and his team highly enough.