Safe Watch Global / Rebrand, Website & App Design.

Safe Branding App-lication.

Wihkum is a mobile app that aims to create a peer-to-peer safety network for individuals in need of immediate help. It specifically targets school staff to provide quick assistance in cases of violence, accidents, lockdowns, harassment, or medical emergencies.

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Wihkum’s original branding was outdated and lacked personality, which made for an uncompelling offer compared to global competitors, and also failed to deliver the best app user experience. The app's interface and associated website were in need of a refresh to accurately reflect the full capabilities of the product, and position it as the preferred choice in the market.

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We collaborated closely with Wihkum to redefine their brand strategy and develop a dynamic, professional brand that effectively communicates their unique offering. Our team worked diligently to create a new tagline, appropriate messaging and a clear and trustworthy tone of voice, as well as a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistency across all brand elements on both the website and app.

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We launched a comprehensive website that effectively communicates Wihkum’s capabilities. The refreshed app interface has resulted in an improved user experience and as a result an uptake in clients. The rebrand has positioned Wihkum as a market leader, providing safety, security and well-being in schools, when it is needed most.

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