GTE Group / Brand Refresh.

Great branding engineered.

GTE Group specialise in delivering high quality control system, communications and electrical engineering solutions to the resources sector.

All sounds great, but in WA, although niche, this is still a hyper-competitive sector. So how do you stand out in a sea of sameness and elevate your position from a small to a mid-tier operator? Well, we’d say its all about crafting the right market perception.

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Only recently established in 2016, GTE Group are a new player in this space and are at a critical juncture in their growth trajectory. Their existing brand positioning and perception did not adequately reflect nor represent the organisation, its capabilities or aspirations.

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GTE had defined their vision, mission and values, we built upon these and create a clear brand promise and confident positioning.

We refined with precision the existing logo symbol, pairing it with a more confident, contemporary logotype and created a new tagline ‘Greater Engineering’.

The brand platform is purposely paired back and all elements are structured based upon a grid.

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Website Before / After
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Everything works in concert to confidently encapsulate the brand essence of the company, its people and their vision.

The exercise of re-branding has ensured the whole GTE team are focussed on challenging the norm, striving to have greater technical expertise, greater flexibility, greater collaboration and greater integrity to enable us to deliver on our promise of Greater Engineering.

Even though the brand was re-launched in the middle of a global pandemic, GTE have elevated their brand positioning, securing several large new projects and realising significant growth. What a great result!

GTE experienced rapid growth from its infancy which was borne out of a passion for delivering quality engineering. We quickly found that our original branding which was slapped together without too much thought to get us started no longer reflected the company we were. After doing some extensive market research and talking to a number of companies we were very clear that Axiom were right company for GTE to work with based on their experience in our industry and the type of output they have produced. We weren’t disappointed and the excellent work done by the Axiom team has helped elevate GTE’s brand and provide a platform to continue on our journey of growth.