Catalpa / Rebrand.

Rock solid branding.

Established in 2009, Catalpa Group is fast becoming one of the most well-known and respected civil, concrete and ground works companies in the construction and mining industry in Australia. They provide solutions for mining clients who require a wide range of services, from excavation, concrete and formwork services for mine infrastructure to load out facilities, buildings and roads.

Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 2 Image
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 3 Image


Catalpa’s previous branding hadn’t caught up to the success of the group and didn’t accurately represent the capability and size of the business. The brandmark, website and existing collateral were outdated and inconsistently designed, resulting in a misrepresentation of the company.

Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 5 Image
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 6 Image
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 4 Banner


Axiom worked with Catalpa to redesign their brand to clearly communicate their position within the market as a confident, progressive and reliable company, ready to fully realise their next stage of growth. We redesigned their logo, refined their colour palette and created a gradient graphic element to convey the forward momentum of the company.

Website Before/After
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 12 Image
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 9 Image


Catalpa has now been rebranded with an identity that matches their confidence and capability as one of the fastest growing companies in the mining industry. This identity has been rolled across the company’s touch points, most notably being their website which now exudes professional confidence and facilitates easy communication between Catalpa and their clients.

Catalpa Rebrand, CAT Image 8
Catalpa Rebrand, CAT 11 Image