Animal Imaging / Brand & Online Training Platform.

Teacher’s Pet.

The brainchild of specialist veterinarian Dr Jane Day, Animal Imaging is a web-based training program that delivers innovative, tech-enabled, sustainable education on radiography, radiology and ultrasound to the next generation of veterinarians.

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The first version of the program was deployed to students through online file servers for videos and documents. Whilst the content was high quality, there was an opportunity to improve the way the program was deployed.

Animal Imaging needed a way to serve the content in a way that is fast, reliable, secure, and easy to administer to multiple universities/institutions in multiple geographic locations.

Axiom was tasked with creating a leading brand and an online platform with the aim to be at the forefront of the veterinary education sector.

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Axiom worked with Animal Imaging to create their brand strategy and build out a brand based around the idea of ‘visionary learning’. We crafted a confident, contemporary, and dynamic brand, taking visual cues from radiology imagery.

In-depth research and reviews of leading learning platforms informed our digital strategy. We worked closely with the client to flesh out content, usability and security requirements. We then built out a fully functional wireframe to ensure the final product would work as expected prior to crafting the front-end design.

We then built out a responsive website that includes the online learning platform behind a secure login portal. Once inside, the students can intuitively navigate between their units and modules within their year group. They can also track their own progress and access the material from their previous years of study.

Vitally important was the need for students to be able to access a vast, constantly updated library of videos. This content also needs to be displayed at full quality on multiple displays when in a classroom setting. We integrated a class-leading video service that is able to optimise the video feed to provide reliable streaming that can dynamically adapt to the users’ internet speed as well as their device.

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Animal Imaging is a game-changing online learning platform. The program is innovative, easy to access and is a leap forward in the way quality content is delivered to veterinary students, and has been rapidly adopted by leading universities and learning institutions.

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Axiom was recommended to me for brand and website creation, and they have been amazing.

I needed a high quality product that universities could rely on to deliver the course to their students. Right from the start I had confidence that this would be achieved.

The team at Axiom were able to work around my other work commitments while developing the online platform, and provided excellent, honest advice on challenges faced along the way. They were incredibly responsive communicators and this continues with the back-up provided after deployment. They say they take support seriously and they certainly do. I’d say Axiom has overdelivered on all aspects of the project.