Email Marketing

Email is perhaps the oldest tool in the marketer’s toolbox, and yet it continues to thrive year after year, even as new marketing fads explode. There’s a reason for email’s longevity – it simply works.

Deliver targeted campaigns and content designed to increase customer loyalty, boost sales and create new business opportunities.

Create, send and monitor beautiful email campaigns with Axiom Mail Manager. Our email marketing solution offers everything you need to generate, send and monitor your email campaigns. Deliver superbly crafted emails based upon professionally designed templates, manage subscriber lists and track campaign results all from within your internet browser.

Email marketing delivers easily tracked results, meaning campaigns can be built on a proven foundation of success. The Axiom Mail Manager is a powerful tool for managing your email marketing and databases by generating detailed campaign reports, allowing you to accurately measure your Return On Investment (ROI) and the behaviour of your customers through comprehensive analysis of each sent campaign.

Email marketing works well as part of your wider digital marketing strategy that could include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads.

How it works.


Axiom Mail Manager’s powerful and intuitive web interface is simple and easy to use so anyone in your organisation can create email campaigns.

If you need assistance, our online help system is at hand, we also provide a comprehensive PDF User Guide and if you’re really stuck we’re just an email or phone call away.


The Axiom Mail Manager’s advanced mailing list management system allows you to import your customer database from other software packages.

Subscriber management tools let you to target your mailouts, and custom fields make it easy to target specific customers, geographic locations and even special interests.


Online email marketing is instantly quantifiable. With the Axiom Mail Manager’s integrated reporting system you can view comprehensive analytics for how your email is performing.

You can see who received your email, who opened your email, when they opened it, which links they clicked on and if they forwarded email. Every element of your email newsletter campaign can be monitored using Axiom Mail Manager’s powerful reporting tools.

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Email Marketing, Mail Manager-Report 1
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