My Foodie Box / Prospectus.

A fresh take on prospectus design.

Western Australian owned and operated, My Foodie Box is a relative new player in the booming and highly competitive meal kit and online grocery delivery market.

With well-known global brands such as Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon, My Foodie Box has forged a niche position and pride themselves in offering high-quality produce sourced directly from trusted suppliers, with a strong sustainable and environmentally responsible ethos.

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Experiencing rapid growth in the local market, My Foodie Box was primed to penetrate and disrupt the rapidly growing online groceries market with a vision to use their existing technology platform to expand its services and product offering to become a broader e-commerce business.

To assist to realise their vision, they needed more capital – thus embarking on a program to attract investors through an initial public offering (IPO). Our task was to design a prospectus to outline the offer and benefit to potential investors.

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The IPO market of late typically targets only sophisticated and/or professional investors. So as such, bespoke, well-crafted prospectuses have regretfully become less valued, as the sponsoring broking house need only to provide a bare minimum ASX pro-forma template to fulfil the offer requirements. However, in this instance it was recognised that the My Foodie Box prospectus was a unique opportunity for some ‘out of the box’ thinking to appeal to retail investors, ideally existing customers who would invest in the opportunity, thus becoming a loyal My Foodie Box customer for life.

Printed on recycled kraft board and uncoated paper to mirror the client’s commitment to environmentally friendly packaging – the prospectus was designed to not only look like a My Foodie Box – but to feel like one too. Designed on-brand and with a clear and easy to follow layout, we articulated complex information through unique infographics that were expertly illustrated and photographed using My Foodie Box fresh produce.

The resultant prospectus is a brand and marketing showpiece for My Foodie Box, having an impact and shelf-life well beyond this type of document’s typical single use as a legal requirement of the offer.

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Proof is in the pudding. The My Foodie Box IPO was a success, over-subscribed and attracting a keystone investor with global reach, setting up the company for an exciting next chapter of growth.

Despite working to a short turnaround, multiple late stage amendments and multiple stakeholders (accountants, broker and legal) feeding information to us, our robust process and attention to detail ensured that the final prospectus and supporting documentation met all critical deadlines as well as My Foodie Box’s and Axiom’s high standards.

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