Fremantle Prison / Interpretive Signage.

Fremantle Prison Tunnels Exhibition.

As part of our ongoing work with Fremantle Prison we developed a significant upgrade to the visitor experience at the tunnels complex.

Fremantle Prison is a world heritage listed site, centrally located in the heart of the port city of Fremantle. It was opened to the public in 1992 as a tourist site and in recognition of its heritage value.

The tunnels tours are one of the premier attractions at the prison and there is often a latency between the end and beginning of a tour and prison staff identified an opportunity to provide further interpretive information to groups during this time.

An interpretive installation to enlighten visitors to both the scale, history and purpose of the tunnels in which they are about to descend 20 metres underground to explore.

An imposing galvanized steel and glass wall over 3 metres high by 5 metres wide greets visitors as they enter through a galvanized steel tunnel and descend the ramp into the darkened complex. Secondary interpretive signage was also updated and installed within the Tunnels complex.

The project received the 2010 Western Australian Heritage Council Awards for “Outstanding conservation and/or interpretation of a place listed on the State Register of Heritage Places”.

Fremantle Prison Tunnels, Freo tunnels 01 copy
Fremantle Prison Tunnels, Freo tunnels 02 copy
Fremantle Prison Tunnels, Freo tunnels 03 copy